Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you use sunless tanning lotions?

It seems that just 10 years or so ago everyone was still into getting lathered up with some tanning oils and laying out on the beach all day.  All of this in the name of getting the best tan.  Thankfully, nowadays people are starting to become more health conscious.  Skin cancers are quite common and some of them can be fatal (though many types aren't). 

Still - why even risk increasing your already high chance of getting a skin disease by bombarding your skin with UV rays?  If you really want to get the look of a nice tan, you can go for a sunless tanning lotion that almost instantly give you the skin tone you want - without the harmful effects of UV rays! 

So, do you use sunless tanning lotions, or do you still sit out all day on the beach?

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